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Salute to Those Men and Women in Uniform, In Memory of Those Who Gave their Lives for Liberty, Democracy ,Benefits and Security of law abiding Citizens and Residents around the world,Salute to Those who Work Hard to Bring Peace to the World .
"O thus be it ever when free man shall stand Between their loved homes and the war's desolation! Blest with victory and peace, may the heav'n-rescued land Praise the Pow'r that hath made and preserved us a nation. Then conquer we must, for our cause it is just, And this be our motto:" In God is our trust"> And the Spar-spangled Banner in triumph shall wave O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave." .   More Details .
The Disciple of Grand Master in Buddhist Chan Weichueh Will Give Lectures in Seattle on November 16, 2003 .
Master Weichueh says: "The problems in the world are no other than suffering and joy. Suffering and joy are opposed and relative. Joy from stimulation of the senses is like clouds or smoke passing before our eyes; it is short-lived and empty. After experiencing joy, unending attachments and vexations follow. Only when we pacify the mind, when the mind is pure and serene, do we experience true joy." The people in Seattle will have a rare opportunity to learn about the teaching of Zen by one of the best disciples of Master Weichueh. This special program is held by International Buddhist Culture T.V.Foundation.   More Details in Chinese.
Professor Sunnie D. Kidd, the Great American Thinker, Philosopher and Educator.
For those people who know Sunnie during her life, Sunnie is a shining example as a perfect human being, a beloved teacher and a kind friend. For those people who only come to know Sunnie through her posthumously published works in the Seattle Forum in world wide web, Sunnie is a great person to enlighten millions of mind in the whole human society and should be remembered not only for the day she passed away, but also for the day she was born.   More Details

Superdirector, thank you for publishing the great works of Sunnie Kidd!!

I was blessed to know Sunnie...and to experience a woman who truly LIVED the interrelatedness she espoused. Thank you for posting her writings for us to share!   More Details


Although she continually asks what color instead of shifting to ask how many offered beads, Sunnie is an original thinker in her stubbornness. Along with this stubbornness is the pleasantness that resides in her being. As the bent-feather-flies, this Cherokee Indian in charge of the Sunnie and Jim Traveling Show will attack by flying, as does the Hawk. This bird of quick darting mind ventures, soaring above, transcending ordinary bounds. Since I live in her tepee I do know the design of her blankets.   More Details


Thank you Sunnie for reminding me to look up at the stars now and then . . . I will be thinking of you on the 29th and take a moment to look up when the sun has set and look at those little dots of light that remind me of what I am. Peace . . .   More Details

Chinese-American Writer Iris Chang Lectured in Seattle On May 23.

Iris Chang said: "My third book Chinese in America is not about discrimination issue, it is about 150 years of history about Chinese Americans, their struggle, their suffering and their success in this country"   More Details in Chinese

U.S. President Bush Issues Asian Pacific American Heritage Month Proclamation.
" Asian/Pacific-American community -- love of family, entrepreneurship, excellence in education, and community service -- have strengthened us as a Nation."   More Details

Superdirector Senior fellow Le Aiguo Published A New Book On Confucian Culture and Science & Technology
"Modern China's backwardness in science and technology were probably caused by incorrect interpretation and inappropriately application of Confucian doctrine and other social and political factors, not the doctrine per se. The wrong ideas about Confucian culture should be corrected." Professor Le concluded in his book.   More Details

SARS: There Is Nothing To Fear, Except Fear Itself
"None of these cases resulted in death; this is the thing that we need to watch out for, but not to overreact," said Dr. Anthony Fauci, U.S. Director of National Institute of Allergy & Infectious Disease during his interview with CNN on April 22, 2003.   More Details

China Has Controlled SARS, Foreign Tourists Can Visit China Now
"According to the news release from Chinese Consulate General in San Francisco, the Chinese Government has put the epidemic SARS under effective controll, and the Chinese Government assures that the foreign tourists can visit China now, but Chinese health care experts advises that the preventive measures are neccessary for personal health and safety while touring in China. More Details in Chinese

Former State Representative of Washington Sent A Friendly Greeting to the 19th Annual World Basketball Invitational Tournament for Chinese
Steve Van Luven said: "It is very important for the people of the world to know each other and respect each others' language, culture and beliefs. It is very difficult to go to war against people you know very well. In the history of the world, people usually fight their enemies not their friends...."   More Details

Hu Jintao's New Three Principles of the People(traditional Chinese)
"Chinese Communist Party Secretary General Hu Jintao said: We must use our power to work for the people, and dedicate our hearts to the people, and advocate for benefits of the people...."   More Details

Lieutenant Governor Brad Owen of State of Washington On Mentoring American Children
"Research has shown that mentoring programs can be a powerful tool in reducing drug abuse and youth violence, while greatly enhancing a young persons prospects for leading a healthy and productive life...."  More Details

An 80-Year-Old Man's Secrets of longevity
"It is always a good and effective way to keep fit by taking care yourself. I love to share with you the my secrets of longevity, and I believe that everybody can benefit from my experience...."   More Details(in Chinese)

Largest Daily Chinese Newspaper World Journal Reported About Superdirector
Superdirector CEO said:"We are still in business under such difficult times...."   More Details(in Chinese)

Victor K. Wang On Works of 5 Senior Artists
"I understand them and respect them because of their high accomplishments in art...."   More Details(in Chinese)

Superdirector Advisor Victor K. Wang On Professor Hongduan Yang and His Painting
"...he learned from the renowned master Qi Pai Shi.... awarded many prizes for exhibitions in Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, USA, Canada, Brazil and Australia, etc. He was awarded a gold medal in France in 1998 and in Philippines in 1999...."   More Details(in Chinese)

Letters to Editors
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An Analysis of Conflict and Exchange Theories
Teaching Diversity from K-12 to Graduate Schools
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Cultural Differences and Cross Culture Communication
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Conflict vs Exchange-A Tentative Theoretical Test of China-US Relationship
Social Conflict Theory in World Geopolitics
An analysis of Social Exchange Theory vs. Conflict Theory

Different Theories in Studying China-US Relations
Oh, Let the World be Filled with Endless Love

Prof. Le Aiguo
Mencius Ideas on Longevity and Positive Qi in Human Life(Chinese)
The Scientific Essentials of Qi and Qi Gong By Guantzu in Ancient China(Chinese)

Prof. Zheng Wenzhang
The Importance of International Cooperation in Anti-Sars Campaign (traditional Chinese)
Hu Jintao's New Three Principles of the People(traditional Chinese)

Prof. Sijou B. L. Miyoko
Sunnie D. Kidd the Great American Thinker, Philosopher and Educator
Professor Zhou met Chinese American Writer Iris Chang in Seattler (traditional Chinese)
A Brief Introduction to Professor Lingko's New Water Color Painting(traditional Chinese)

Prof. Kazimierz Z. Poznanski
Happy Places: Landscaping by Teng Hiok Chiu, the Forgotten China-Born Talented Artist

Prof. Victor K. Wang
A True and Sad Story About Zhou Tingxu: The Forgotten Talented Chinese American Artist (in Chinese)
The Great works of the Five 5 Senior Chinese Artists in Seattle(in Chinese)
A brief Introdution to Professor Hongduan Yang and His Traditional Chinese Painting (in Chinese)

Prof. Pan Fu-En
A Preface to "Confucian Culture and Science and Technology in Ancient China" by Le Aiguo (in Chinese)

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